Looking to the future with nostalgia


While technical progress is literally catapulting us into the future thanks to digitization, our own home is being overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia.

As our mothers said: It will all come back ... and so you can see certain colors, shapes and textures everywhere, as we know them from before. Orange, red, certain shades of green, wicker trays, brass - the beautiful, tough brass - wood tones that we frowned upon a few years ago - or even disposed of.    

The wild, creative ceramics of the 70s alone are so inspiring, original and full of joie de vivre. Each individual part can be perfectly combined with simple living elements and simply brings a little life into the home. The funny thing is that you experience this constant change in taste in yourself and now jump back to the shape and color world from back then, yes, there is even a need to surround yourself with these colors. So mom was right again: Always back in the 70s. And we love it! 

The style elements of the 70s let us travel to earlier times, to a carefree past time, for many of us into our youth full of joie de vivre and optimism ... and we can really use that right now. 

And that's exactly where we start with our Vintage Kontor: We have the originals, the highlights from back then, we have the real vintage design pieces, full of history, reinterpreted and combined for the new vintage style. In the trend, yet different and individual.

Real vintage!

Our pieces are not newly produced and from China, but from the past, upgraded and ready for a new, second life: “Preloved”.

That feels good! The environment is happy because every single piece that we continue to use does not have to be produced anew, so it does not use any CO2, does not use any raw materials or resources. 

This makes the world a little better, and that is a need for us. 

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